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15 Top Things to do on a Rainy Day in Riviera Maya

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Rain is bound to happen whenever you’re in the tropics...especially during “Wet Season, “ which for the Riviera Maya tends to be the summer. But don’t let a little (or a lot) of rain put a damper on your vacation...instead, let it exhilarate you to SLOW DOWN and discover new experiences.

  1. Enjoy some downtime with a good book and a glass of wine (or cerveza, or margarita). And savor a little break from the heat!

  2. Spa Day-enjoy a relaxing massage, a mani/pedi, or a facial

  3. Shop til you drop: Centro Maya, Plaza de Americas or grab an umbrella and stroll 5th Avenue...all in Playa del Carmen (and if it’s a complete downpour, run into Quinta Alegria plaza located on 5th avenue)

  4. Tired of Shopping? Go to the movies! You can find cinemas at both Centro Maya and Plaza de Americas

  5. Keep a Secret-Explore Rio Secreto’s underground river or another of the many, many nearby cenotes, like Aktun Chen

  6. Playa del Carmen Aquarium--Can’t snorkel in the rain? No reason you can’t check out the wondrous sea life!

  7. Cook up a Storm-Try a cooking class at one of the following: The Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos, or Lina’s Kitchen in Tulum.

  8. Wanna drink while you learn to cook? Try CoCo’s Cooking Classes in Playa del Carmen’s Drinking School class!

  9. Space Out at a Planetarium: There are several planetariums in the Riviera Maya – Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Chetumal

  10. Duck into a fun restaurant for a long, leisurely lunch: La Buena Vida (Akumal), Papacitos for Mayan Coffee (Puerto Aventuras), and for fancy digs: The Alux (Playa del Carmen)

  11. 3D Museum of Wonder in PDC for a quirky fun time indoors!

  12. Get twisted with a yoga class! Or get a day pass at a local gym

  13. Blow it our your GLASS! Go check out glass blowing at its best: Vidrio Soplado Mexicano

  14. Rest all day and stay up all night at Coco Bongo or Cirque du Soleil

  15. Take a walk on the beach in the rain….enjoy the quiet & the may become the most highlighted vacation moment of your life.

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