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Losing while Cruising: A Carnival Cruise Director Dishes out the Secrets of Staying Fit on the High

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The moment passengers step on the ship for their cruise vacation getaway, they tend to head straight for lunch. If you are one of them, you will most likely find yourself migrating toward the buffet restaurant.

Instantaneously, you have become ravenous. It all looks so good, from the savory pizzas, to the scrumptious sandwiches, juicy burgers and that buffet of endless delights — and that’s not even taking into account the desserts. You want it all, and you want it now.

Jamie Dee, Carnival Cruise Director says there are many things passengers can do to avoid this scenario. “My two biggest tips would be one, stay active,” Dee said. “Two? Portion control.”

Dee doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks it, jogs, and dances it as well as anything else that can keep her moving.

“There are LOTS of opportunities to exercise while on board,” Dee said. “Take the stairs, join in the deck parties, and do active shore excursions. Keep up with your normal level of activity and the weight will stay off.”

Passengers on their way to their all day snorkeling excursion in Dominican Republic

Dee also recommends that guests drink lots of water and refrain from ordering a second entree at dinner.

“There are so many tempting foods on board the ship, but if you just try small amounts you will be grateful when your clothes still fit at the end of the cruise,” Dee said.

Another way to help with this is ordering the healthy choice meals—usually denoted with a heart symbol on menus—when dining.

According to Dee, keeping active helps a great deal with maintaining weight under control, and is definitely how the crew stays in great shape. All Carnival Cruise ships have onboard fitness centers.

“We have amazing fitness trainers in the Cloud 9 Spa area and they do personalized sessions,” Dee raved.

Carnival also promotes detox plans that will help you continue to lose weight once the cruise is over. In addition to that, passengers may sign up to take group fitness classes for a small cost, such as Yoga, Pilates, and Spinning.

For guests traveling on a budget, Dee encourages taking advantage of another onboard benefit.

“The fitness instructors on board do complimentary consultations and also goal setting with any guests that request an appointment,” Dee said.

Next time you are sailing the seas, follow these tips and you too can stay shipshape by not going overboard.

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