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3 of the Best Cenotes in Riviera Maya to See & Snorkel

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

One the many beautiful and fun adventures you can choose to explore while in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, is a day trip to a cenote. Cenotes offer a variety of breathtaking views with a thrill of deep cave snorkeling. A natural pit, or sinkhole, cenotes are formed when the limestone underneath the ground collapses exposing groundwater underneath.

For our cenote adventure recommendations, we’ll begin with Dos Ojos. This specific cenote is one of the largest underwater cave systems, as well as the most extravagant diving sites of the Yucatan Peninsula. It got its name because it has two separate holes (The Eyes). With tons of natural light, the water is crystal clear making it easy to snorkel around and practice diving. The temperature of the water stays at a refreshing 77 degrees Fahrenheit year round. At only $14 USD (at the time of this writing), it makes for a easy, fun, and long lasting day trip.

Another great cenote to visit is Ecopark Kantun Chi. The great thing about this location is that they offer guided tours and you can explore all five caves up close and personal. This natural beauty is a relaxed spot that’s never too crowded. The fee that you pay will provide you with life jackets, goggles, and water shoes, and you may end your day with an authentic Mexican-style lunch. While tours are not recommended for young children, kayaking, and snorkeling is offered for participants while they gaze at the surrounding wildlife.

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Our last cenote recommendation is the Jardín de Edén ( “Garden of Eden”). It is one of the largest open-air cenotes, which makes this the perfect picture spot for plunging into its crystal clear water. This beautiful dipping hole is surrounded by plenty of vegetation making for a relaxing day. For those who are daredevils, there are diving areas on one side of the bank for you to jump into the transparent waters. But those with more of an underwater adventurous side may snorkel into the cenote and take in all the rock formations jutting up out of the water, while hundreds of fish swim alongside. As an added bonus, there are often lifeguards on duty to help make your day a little less stressed (please check upon arrival).

Overall, Puerto Aventuras offers a wide variety of natural wonders to spend your day and explore new places. Whether you want to just casually take a dip or ready for a thrilling adventure, cenotes give many options and will not disappoint with the breathtaking views it has to offer.

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